Bridge Fly Fishing Wintertide Line

Bridge Fly Fishing Wintertide Line

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Winter and late Fall Steelheading doesn’t always involve dragging bottom, tungsten impregnated sink tips and six inch rabbit strip flies. For those who enjoy their cold weather Steelhead fishing with finesse we offer our Wintertide Shooting Head Spey Line. The Wintertide will handle tips to approximately 100 grains at up to 15 foot lengths with small to moderate sized flies, and is as at home with touch and go casts as it is with sustained anchors. If your Fall or Winter Steelheading involves coastal or interior rivers where the fish reside in shallow runs, riffles, and broad tailouts the Wintertide is an ideal tool for the job.


The Winteride is meant to be lined up more as a Scandi ( lighter ) than a Skagit ( heavier ) to retain its lively feel. We recommend that you line your rod 50 grains lighter than your favorite Skagit head as reflected in the grain weights and respective line designations below.



Line Size Length
Grain Weight
5/6 26' 400 grains
6 27' 425 grains
6/7 28' 450 grains
7 29' 475 grains
7/8 30' 500 grains
8 31' 525 grains
8/9 32' 550 grains
9 33' 575 grains
9/10 34' 600 grains
10 35' 625 grains
10/11 36' 650 grains


Premium spey lines hand-cut in steelhead country, British Columbia, Canada.