TFO Single Sided Waterproof Slit Silicone Fly Box | OFF Fly Shop


Silicone material with triangle slits holds flies tighter and does not tear like regular foam. This rugged rubber does not create hook memory holes so it securely holds a variety of fly sizes. Durable, no water absorption and reusable silicone is the ultimate material for your fly storage system.


  • Silicone material
  • No memory holes
  • Does not absorb water
  • Off-set triangle slits are easy to put flies in
  • Tear resistant


    TFO Slit Foam Silicone Fly Box
    Model Size (inches)
    Style Color
    FB H997 5 1/2" X 3 3/4" X 5/8" Silicone Clear
    FB H998 7 1/4" X 4" X 3/4" Silicone Clear
    $21.99 X


    Vendor: TFO

    Type: Fly Boxes